Recycled Hardcore 6f2

All of our hardcore is crushed onsite from construction rubble including concrete, bricks, morter and tarmac following WRAP protocol.

We sort all waste as it arrives onsite to remove any plastic or metal. The clean material is then stock piled and crushed.

Crushing and screening clean hardcore in the recycling yard.
Crushed and graded hardcore coming off the belt as 50mm down to dust 6f2 hardcore.
Crushed and graded hardcore coming off the belt as 80mm to 50mm clean 6f5 hardcore

Recycled Soil

We have two grades of topsoil, Our recycled soil is produced from the material that landscapers and builders bring to us from their work in residential developments, this is then screened to 14mm to give a great product for general landscaping.

Our best quality topsoil is sourced from a single site, usually a field or sports pitch that is being dug up for development, once we have viewed the material and visually checked its quality we test it to BS3882 to make sure its mineral and fertility content passes the British Standard for topsoil. Once this has been proven we the bring it to our site and screen it to 14mm to make a fantastic product.